Welcome to Iliso Care Society.

iliso activity chart“Together in caring Spirit” Iliso Care Society is registered as a non- profit organization NPO-055-182 TAX EXEMPTION NO: 930036654. The centre was in established in 2005.

The overriding aim of Iliso Care Society is to add value to improve the quality life for woman & children in the township., through food gardening ,sewing & catering ,after school care program & holiday program performing art’s , sport& early childhood development , which stimulates the aim to uplift and empower the beneficiaries


Due to the low incomes from different households in Khayelitsha, Western Cape, poverty escalated and as a result those on treatment wouldn’t finish up their treatment. With the challenge of hunger and malnutrition as a result of poverty, household food insecurity and social exclusion, Mama Vivian saw the need to counter-act these challenges by conducting a survey and dialogues around the Site C community 2005.

On May, 2007 Iliso Care Society was registered as Reg. No. 055-182NPO. Iliso is also registered as a PBO, BEE Status, Tax Clearance and was issued with the Certificate of Acceptability for Food Premises.

According to the 2012 General Household Survey 30.6% of children (542 000) in the Western Cape are living in income poverty (household with monthly per capita income less than R575). Of concern is that almost half (49.2%) of households in the province have income below R38 200, and that 13.3% of households experiences hunger with the possibility of growth faltering, being underweight and nutritionally at risk.

In 2004 Mama Vivian identified the need for a Soup Kitchen in the community of Khayelitsha, Site C as she was doing a research with the University of Stellenbosch under the Desmond Tutu TB Center. The intervention of the research was to find out what was the reason of patients defaulting from their treatments.

According to the marketing research that was conducted by Mama Vivian and a few Site C community members the findings showed that the patients could not afford a meal to have together with their treatment. Discrimination and stigma was also a contributing factor that lead to most patients not disclosing their statuses. In 2006 Mama Vivian decided to quit her job and started a Food Nutrition Program and Iliso Care Society was born.

I started the work of Iliso in the area were the need was the greatest. It started out as a soup kitchen, but soon the project expanded to include helping school children, providing safety and care for orphans and vulnerable children. Further, Iliso Care Society also organizes workshops for youth to help them cope with problems they face in the community.” <b>MAMA VIVIAN ZILO – Managing Director</b>


.. To organise & facilitate projects that provides inspiration interdisciplinary artistic and scientific research towards society.

¨ To provide Nutrition Food to HIV/AIDS affected, unaffected, TB patients and Community at large.

¨ To provide love and care to children

¨ To promote after school care program and holiday program in the absents of parent supervision

¨ To provide training skills and develop the orphans to become responsible adults of South Africa

¨ To create jobs for the unemployed woman of South Africa , through our food gardening , sewing & catering programs

¨ To utilise music and dance to raise awareness of the burning issues of the day, Performance piece to date have dealt with HIV/AIDS, woman and children abuse, substance abuse and crime



To see a caring society


To empower, enable skill acquisition and provide the most basic needs to the people of our community. Above all to create a community that is compassionate about others


  • Accountability and transparency
  • Collaboration of staff/ volunteers
  • To build participation in community an self sustainability
  • Value our visitors, beneficiaries, stakeholders and finders.


  • Food Security (Nutrition & Food Gardening)
  • Education (Library/ Toy Library & Tutoring Program)
  • Skills Development
  • Women Empowermentiliso activity chart
  • Youth (Sport/ Choir/ Traditional Dance/ Video Production)


  • Community based
  • People centred
  • Strong management system
  • Resilient and passionate team